My name is Nancy (Bayers) Hoerdemann and I am a creator, designer, stylist, wife and mother of three.  In my constant quest to give beautiful gifts that have a lasting impact on the recipient I reawakened my talents of creativity and style to be utilized in my gift-wrap and presentation.  I have been merchandising things my entire life.  Starting with a childhood interest in how presentation can affect a person's reaction to something, to my first of many jobs in retail, to my extensive experience in the fashion business.  No matter the outlet of creating all of my past experiences included presentation & image making that inspires.

 My bachelors degree in marketing was only complete with spending a life-transforming year in Rome.  Then to further my creative interest that could be translated into a language used in the business world I attended the Paris Fashion Institute with a concentration in marketing.  With a deep love for the exquisite city of Paris I spent an entire year soaking up the beauty and creative splendor that only Paris and it's fashion world can offer.  Later in New York I continued to learn and grow while taking advantage of classes at Parson's & the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Always striving to expand my experiences while utilizing my creativity in the business realm I have held many positions that played a different role in the creative process but always, in some way, concentrated on the final result of a beautiful product.  Over several years I have been involved in marketing and public relations in New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC and my hometown of Chicago.  Both as an employee  & as a self-employed freelancer I have had the honor to work with some of the world's biggest image-makers and brands such as Kenneth Cole, Bloomingdale's, Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, QVC and Macy's.

Now taking all these personal and professional experiences I am fully dedicated to taking the elements of design and image making to produce the most exquisite line of gift wrap.  Giving to others is what makes us better humans. Giving something beautiful that fully evokes the emotions of happiness, love & gratitude is what makes us the best humans we can be.